Bare Movement is an artistic project where I look for nude pictures exploring body and movement.

In this series of snapshots, freedom prevails, although certain conditions do exist in order to push the improvisation faculties of both the photographer and the model to the limits.

No pose: Every capture is taken in motion, either using dance or body language. The goal is to discover new positions and postures and make the model express him or herself differently than what is expected and obtained in a nude photography session.

No photo study: Professional photography studios are not used, each location is different. In each session there is no previous preparation of the environment or space, this is used as a challenge and an inspiration to capture the moment.

No big changes: No artificial elements are added to the image and it’s not modified excessively. The modifications and picture retouches of each piece are kept to a bare minimum to get a quality and satisfactory image.


International Black & White Photography Contest 2018

Bare Movementadministrador
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